Dec 15, 2012


In winter, most of the time, my mood is BAD. I don't feel like wearing colorful nail polishes. So most of time, I do a simple french manincure. Let me introduce you my 3 all time favourite nail polishes :

From left to right : Pink Paris French Manicure "White", Claire's Gel top coat , Sephora  "Sugar coated"

 All dry super fastly, and give a very nice plastic shinny look to the nails as you can see (I'm not a big fan of long nails, I love them short) :

I highly recommend you the Claire's Gel Top coat which is perfect, it really gives dimension to the nails and a beautiful shine. Plus it's so cheap : only 2.99 €.

What are your favourite French Manicure nail polishes ?

Nov 5, 2012

Cardigan : Promod | Tshirt : H&M | Skirt : Jennyfer | Boots : New Look | Necklace : Claires

Nov 2, 2012


Sleek Contour Kit #MEDIUM

Sephora Cream Lip Stain #3

I purchased those two products a week ago and I absolutly love them. I usually contour my face with a dark bronzer but I broke it :s, so as I've read tons of good reviews on the Sleek kit, I bought it. And let me say that I'm very pleased, I didn't expected such a result ! It perfectly highlight and coutour my cheeks as you can see. It last ALL day and it's so cheap. I use it every single day right now !!
My second beauty crush is the Sephora lip stain. I love this color, it's a rosy red. I wore it last week for a party and when I got back home, I was too lazy to take off my lipstick (bad I know), and the following day when I woke up, I swear that it was on my lips ! I couldn't believe it. It's a really good liptick, you can drink, sleep, what you want, it won't fade. Plus it is matte and not glossy ;). This lipstick was suggested by Mouldy Fruit on her blog and I thank her, cause I absolulty LOVE it. It's around 10€ here in France. Efficient and affordable.

What do you think ? Have you ever tried those products ?

Oct 16, 2012

Jacket : brandless
Tee & boots : Zara
Cardigan : brandless
Jeans : H&M
Wool hat : (very old can't remember ??)

Sep 15, 2012


Blazer : Zara
White top : Zara
Pants : Uniqlo
Boots : Auchan + DIY

Biguine Blush

I've totally crushed on this Biguine Blush : the shade is called "Terre de Feu" #60207. Biguine is a famous hair dresser in France who decied to get his own make up brand. It's not expensive and the quality and packaging is actually pretty good. I was looking for a kind of orangy/coral blush for a while and I'm so happy to got this one. I absolutly love the color, it really gives an instant healthy look. The blush is a little bit powdery which makes it easier to blend, I don't waste my time picking again and again the right amount of powder with this. And the most amazing thing is that it lasts all day without any touch up. The price is really cheap, it's 11€. I'm very pleased with this blush, I think it's even better than MAC blushes. Unfortunatly there are only 5 shades. But I will definatly try some other.

What do you think ?

Sep 7, 2012

OOTD + Face of the day

Blazer : Zara
Top : Jennyfer
Jeans : Zara
Shoes : Primark
Bag : Ebay

Mac Pro Longwear foundation #NW40
Mac Studio Sculpt foundation #NC44
Nars creal blush #CactusFlower
Mac Mineralize skinfinish highlighter #SoftAndGentle
Yves Rocher loose powder
Tips and Toes lipstick #Rythm


Sep 3, 2012


I'm sorry, I just can't find the right angle to film my whole body. This is the only solution : cut in two

Jacket : ??
Tshirt : Zara
Jeans : Zara
Boots : Zara

Aug 29, 2012

DIY Studded Biker Boots

Hello ladies, I'm back in town. Summer was absolutly amazing, hope you had as much fun as me ❤.
My last obsession were those studded biker boots, very popular from Ash :

But way too pricey : 300€ when I can't afford somthing, I make it by myself ;) ! I bought studs on ebay for 7€ and found some similar biker boots in a shop for 11€ on sale :

And turned into this :

I'm pretty pleased with the result. It took me a very long time to stud the boots, and my hands hurts...I now understand why it is that pricey lol. But I love them ❤ !

What do you think ?

Aug 7, 2012

Sorry ladies, it's been a long time...I'm on holidays having a good time. Here are some pictures.

What are your summer plans of the moment ?

Jul 3, 2012

Garnier Ultra Doux dry shampoo review

Dry shampoos seemed to be the new trend, so I decided to test one them. I picked the cheapest one by Garnier for 6.99€, which is actually quite expensive for a drugstore shampoo. I bought it without any conviction, but I was actually quite surprised. When you spray your hair with that product, you really feel the fresh sensation you get when you wash it with a real  shampoing...weird right ? And I swear that your hair look cleaner, just look at the picture, my hair were super greasy and now they look matte. (I took this picture the day I was washing my hair, sorry it they look dirty). Some girls complained about some white residue on hair, but I didn't notice it on my hair. Of course, this will NEVER replace a real shampoo but it contributes to maintain  your hair matte, less greasy until your next shampoo. Next thing : the smell which is a nice fresh lemon perfume, I like it. This product really reminds me a deodorant, cause the smell and the composition seems similar. I definalty think I'll buy it again, it really helps me to keep my hair fresh and clean everyday.

Have you ever tried dry shampoos ? Did you like it ?

Jun 24, 2012


Blazer : Zara
T-shirt : H&M
Jeans : Mango
Boots : H&M

Jun 15, 2012


Shirt : Pimkie
Top : Zara
Pants : Uniqlo
Shoes : Bensimon
Bag : H&M

Jun 13, 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

I've been looking for a BB cream for so long but here in France it was almost impossible to find a BB cream for meduim to dark skin tone :'(. Most of the time this country tends to forget that dark skinned girls like make up too. But I changed my mind when I found this BB Cream by Maybelline. The price was very afforable around 9€.

There were 5 shades and I picked the darkest one :

  I'm not smitten by this BB cream for some reasons : the coverage is very minimal, I'm aware that this is not a foundation but I can't notice a big difference after the application. The result is VERY natural, almost invisible. It doesn't really covers imperfections, and doesn't give any glow to the skin. It doesn't even last more than 3 hours, it made my skin looks greasy and oily which I HATE. This didn't work for me and I would neither recommend it because of the poor results. And as I picked the darkest shade, I'm not sure that this shade would work on someone tanner than I. I think drugstores BB creams for dark skins are not advanced yet unfortunatly. I'm not looking for another BB Cream, I think I'm pleased with my foundation. BB creams are not made for someone who is looking for coverage and a long lasting make up.

Have you ever tried this BB Cream ? Did you like it ?

Jun 12, 2012

Mini H&M haul

I went to H&M and crushed on two things : First that lovely aztec print satchel bag. I absolutly love the mix of prints and leather, this is so I love boho style, I thought this was made for ME ! 

And then I saw that lipstick near the checkout and loved the color. There were 3 different shades and I choose that one called "Pink Sea Shell"

The color is beautiful and nude, I love it. The price is affordable, 3€90. The packaging is quite cheap I admit it, I know H&M can do better than a simple cardboard package ! Anyway, I forgive them for the lovely price. The texture is between creamy and matte, not too shiny and not too matte. It doesn't dry your lips and moisturizes them. The color is nicely pigmented, I'm sure this can work on any skin tones ;).

What do you think ?


Blazer&pants : Zara
Tshirt : H&M
Shoes : Primak
Bag : Ebay

Jun 5, 2012

Benefit High Brow review

I'm sure you all have heard about this product. It claims to give an eyebrow lifting effect, and it works perfectly as you can see. Plus it lasts all day. If you want to highlight your brows naturally, this you'll like this pencil for sure, it has no shimmers.The price is around 19€. But I think that you can get the EXACT same lifting effect with any concealer under the brow area, so I'm not sure about buying this again ...What do you think ?

Jun 2, 2012

Stippling brush review

I've been looking for a stippling brush for a while. I was about to buy a brush at my local Sephora or from Mac, but when I've found this one on ebay for less than 6$, I was like "Why not ?" and I received it last week. The quality is good and I love applying my foundation with it, it blends my foundation so well that I don't even need any make up sponge ! I guess for 6$, it's synthetic fibers, but it's really soft trust me ;). It has definatly became one of my beauty essential. You can get it there :

Jun 1, 2012

Brow Bar Benefit experience

I've always had issues with my eyebrows. I've never known how to shape them correctly : as there are Thick, I've tried every shape of the world, I've never known which shape was the best for me. Plus, I had a very  bad experience with eyebrow waxing institutes and threading, they tended to do my poor eyebrows very thin, which I HATE (on me). But now that I've discovered the Benefit Brow Bar, I have a new life. Benefit's girls do a very good job, I'm very impress by the quality of their work. The price here in Paris is 21€, which could be a little expensive BUT it's worthwhile : The beautician spends around 15-20 minutes on shaping your eyebrows. She cuts, waxes, tweezes, brushes, and even make up them. The best part is that she totally respects your natural shape ! And the result is just stunning and  at the you're just like " Woow is-it me :O ?". But there is just on bad side : the following day, I had some little spots around my eyebrows, but it's just one day, so it's not big deal...if you have a party or something just avoid to wax them the day before. But otherwise if you have a Benefit Brow Bar near, GO GO !! I promise you won't be disappointed ;). What do you think ?

May 9, 2012

Necklaces reviews

I've ordered 2 necklaces and I received them today. The first one is a collar necklace which is a 2012's essential from Ebay. In shops it was around 15 euros which is pricey and I got mine for 6€, a really good price here. I'm very pleased with the quality. 

And I got a second necklace on Esty from Lovechichi. I've first notice that necklace on HRH's collection but the price was too high :s, and I found the exact same thing on Esty. The price is still high (30$ + 15$ for shipping) but at least it's more affordable than HRH's collection which costs around 55$ without shipping fees. It's very elegant and I'm pleased with the quality. It's was nicely packaged in a little silky sachet, so girly. I received it in 2 weeks and I highly recommend her if you are looking for something similar ;).

May 7, 2012

Nails of the moment

I mixed an old black nail polish from Claire's with the #TwinkleTwinkle from Sephora and I love the new color <3

May 4, 2012

New make-up storage

I didn't know how to store my make up and beauty products, I used to simply keep them in a little make up case but it was so messy. I was watching one of Mouldy Fruit's video about her make up storage and I totally crushed on her acrylic storage. She got some from Cool Kube which are way too pricey for me and some from Muji which are more affordable. So I went to Muji and bought those three amazing acrylic boxes : now everything is perfectly tidy and the design is so elegant and simple.

What do you think ?

Apr 27, 2012

Mac Lip Pencil "Embrace Me"

I've been looking for a purple pinky/ fuchia lipstick for a while. That color is a must have of the year so I've searched everywhere and I haven't found it. I'm not a Mac make up addict at all, I don't have any problem with using any brand, I think you can get an amazing result with any make up brand, it only depends on the way you apply your make up. But as I couldn't find that color in cheap brands, I had to go to the Mac store and then I found it ! and I LOVE the color, it looks so beautiful and it so flattering on my tan skin tone. I usually hardly find a color which fits me but that one is perfect. I don't like the glossy finish, that's why I picked out the pencil which is matte. It stays all day long and I'll definatly recommend it to you girls :)

What do you think ?


Trench : Auchan
Tshirt : H&M
Jeans : Zara
Shoes : Zara
Bag : Ebay

Apr 16, 2012


Lace body top : H&M
Skirt : H&M
Leather jacket : Zara
Shoes : ??
Necklace : Ebay 


Apr 14, 2012


I got a new cream blush from NARS in #Cactus Flower  and I love it. It is natural and gives a really nice coral/golden glow to my cheeks ♥

What do you think ladies ?