May 25, 2011


Hello girls ! I'm quite busy these days, with my exams and all that stuffs...I can't wait to finish :) and breathe having fun and shopping is my OOTD quite simple.

Shirt : ?? mum's shirt lol
Jean : Jennyfer
Shoes : H&M
Bag : Ebay

May 17, 2011

Back to Black

Since the beginning of the year, I started dying my hair but I've finally never obtained the exact color I was looking for, which was a sexy chocolate color, so hard to get :s...I used a light blond dye and then a golden blond dye...but whatever the color I was choosing, I was always ending up with  horrible red highlights or golden highlights as you can see on the "before" pic, this was just ugly. I couldn't stand my hair so I've finally decided to go back to my natural color chosing the Casting Crème Gloss by l'Oréal in shade 300, a pretty dark brown color. I didn't choose the black color cause in the past, I experimented that color and it was TOO black, like a crow... so girls always take a dark brown color if you have natural black hair like me, it's more natural ;)

And here is the result :

No more ugly golden highlights, but just a beautiful dark color, not too black and not too brown, simply perfect. That dye is great because :
- it doesn't have a strong chimical smell compared to the other hair dye products
- the hair isn't damaged or super dry, it's super silky
- no surprise, the color is the same as the box

I'm super satisfied with that product, I'm finally free from my highlights and I realize how beautiful my natural hair color is.

What about you girls ? did you have a good experience with hair dyes ?


May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th OOTD

Hello girls :)

Today, was the one and only friday the 13th of the year and I have to say that it was a crazy day. I'm not super supersticious but today a bunch of crazy stuffs happened to me : underground strike of course just the day I have my litterature presentation at uni, my internet connexion didn't work and this NEVER happens usually, believe me...I don't know if all that things are related to friday the 13th, but if it's not, it's really bizzare...Do you believe in Friday the 13th ? Are you particulary supersticious that day or in general ? 

Here is my OOTD, quite simple :

Top : Jennyfer
Short : Zara
Shoes : H&M
Bag : Ebay
Watch : Casio Vintage bought on Ebay


May 10, 2011

Foundation routine

The key of a perfect makeup is definatly the foundation. It took me years to find the right foundation. I started wearing foundation at 16, at this time, my skin used to be great and I only used a simple powder foundation, it was enough to make my skin glowing. But unfortunatly with the time, my skin got more and more sensitive and I started getting blemishes and skin discoloration, the more I grow up, the more my skin looks fairer, it's annoying because you can never get one foundation all the time.
So what I'm doing right now is mixing several foundations to get the perfect color, this is the only solution.
I mix a drop of the Superstay from Maybelline (in #caramel) and a drop of the Colorstay from Revlon (#Rich Tan). To get a light bit of light, I also add a little bit of the Studio Sculpt Foundation from MAC on the center of my face (#NC45). I end with a little bit of Blush : MAC blush in Coygirl and a glowy pink by Me Me Me "Blush me" in Pink. I love light pinky blushes  ❤

Anyway, I'm still searching the perfect foundation, sometimes i'm really done with mixing my 3 foundations everyday lol, so if you guys know a foundation which looks good on indian skin tones, let me know it :). What is your foundation routine ?


May 6, 2011


Today was truly amazing, I've spent some very good moments with my friends...I can't believe it's almost the end of the uni year...time flies that's crazy...I try my best to profit of every moments.
And the weather was just perfect : super sunny 27°...So here is my OOTD, as colorful as the weather :

Mini red coat : H&M
White and blue top : Jennyfer
Denim : Zara 
 Shoes :   H&M
Gold watch : Casio Vintage

May 5, 2011

H&M mini haul

Yesterday I went shopping and I found some amazing stuffs. I didn't plan to buy anything, I was supposed to accompanying a friend but when I saw these clothes, I've totally crushed...

I felt in love with that cute little red coat. I was looking for a red mini blazer for a while and i've finally found it for only 29€ not that expensive and perfect for this summer weather.

I love that top, so bobo/hippy specially the shape of it, it looks so good with a short or a skinny jean for a casual look - 9€

And to finish i've bought that beautiful lace body which i adore. I'll probably wear it with a short - 12€

1st OOTD

Military jacket : ??
 White top : Gap
Short : Zara
Shoes : H&M

The Born of my blog

 Welcome everybody on my blog :)...Most of the time, I spend my time visting blogs on blogger, I love hauls and reviews and it  helped me a lot when I was hesitating on buying some beauty products and clothes, so I decided to create my own blog too to talk about the stuffs that I love and hate and hopefully helping you :D. I'll do shopping hauls and make up routine and reviews.

PS : Excuse my english, sometimes I tend to do some mistakes, I live in France so forgive me LOL.