Sep 15, 2012

Biguine Blush

I've totally crushed on this Biguine Blush : the shade is called "Terre de Feu" #60207. Biguine is a famous hair dresser in France who decied to get his own make up brand. It's not expensive and the quality and packaging is actually pretty good. I was looking for a kind of orangy/coral blush for a while and I'm so happy to got this one. I absolutly love the color, it really gives an instant healthy look. The blush is a little bit powdery which makes it easier to blend, I don't waste my time picking again and again the right amount of powder with this. And the most amazing thing is that it lasts all day without any touch up. The price is really cheap, it's 11€. I'm very pleased with this blush, I think it's even better than MAC blushes. Unfortunatly there are only 5 shades. But I will definatly try some other.

What do you think ?


  1. It's a lovely colour! Very natural looking! xo

  2. Ooooh I like this, it literally looks like you're blushing.. very pretty