Aug 29, 2012

DIY Studded Biker Boots

Hello ladies, I'm back in town. Summer was absolutly amazing, hope you had as much fun as me ❤.
My last obsession were those studded biker boots, very popular from Ash :

But way too pricey : 300€ when I can't afford somthing, I make it by myself ;) ! I bought studs on ebay for 7€ and found some similar biker boots in a shop for 11€ on sale :

And turned into this :

I'm pretty pleased with the result. It took me a very long time to stud the boots, and my hands hurts...I now understand why it is that pricey lol. But I love them ❤ !

What do you think ?


  1. Clever you . . .they look great!! Who needs to spend £300 X

  2. Great job! Kudos!