Nov 2, 2012


Sleek Contour Kit #MEDIUM

Sephora Cream Lip Stain #3

I purchased those two products a week ago and I absolutly love them. I usually contour my face with a dark bronzer but I broke it :s, so as I've read tons of good reviews on the Sleek kit, I bought it. And let me say that I'm very pleased, I didn't expected such a result ! It perfectly highlight and coutour my cheeks as you can see. It last ALL day and it's so cheap. I use it every single day right now !!
My second beauty crush is the Sephora lip stain. I love this color, it's a rosy red. I wore it last week for a party and when I got back home, I was too lazy to take off my lipstick (bad I know), and the following day when I woke up, I swear that it was on my lips ! I couldn't believe it. It's a really good liptick, you can drink, sleep, what you want, it won't fade. Plus it is matte and not glossy ;). This lipstick was suggested by Mouldy Fruit on her blog and I thank her, cause I absolulty LOVE it. It's around 10€ here in France. Efficient and affordable.

What do you think ? Have you ever tried those products ?

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  1. Unfortunately i havent tried any of these products, so i cant tell you much.
    you're welcomed to enter my giveaway :
    no pressure only if you want to.
    have a lovely Sunday!
    greets from Düsseldorf