Jun 1, 2012

Brow Bar Benefit experience

I've always had issues with my eyebrows. I've never known how to shape them correctly : as there are Thick, I've tried every shape of the world, I've never known which shape was the best for me. Plus, I had a very  bad experience with eyebrow waxing institutes and threading, they tended to do my poor eyebrows very thin, which I HATE (on me). But now that I've discovered the Benefit Brow Bar, I have a new life. Benefit's girls do a very good job, I'm very impress by the quality of their work. The price here in Paris is 21€, which could be a little expensive BUT it's worthwhile : The beautician spends around 15-20 minutes on shaping your eyebrows. She cuts, waxes, tweezes, brushes, and even make up them. The best part is that she totally respects your natural shape ! And the result is just stunning and  at the you're just like " Woow is-it me :O ?". But there is just on bad side : the following day, I had some little spots around my eyebrows, but it's just one day, so it's not big deal...if you have a party or something just avoid to wax them the day before. But otherwise if you have a Benefit Brow Bar near, GO GO !! I promise you won't be disappointed ;). What do you think ?

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