Jun 13, 2012

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

I've been looking for a BB cream for so long but here in France it was almost impossible to find a BB cream for meduim to dark skin tone :'(. Most of the time this country tends to forget that dark skinned girls like make up too. But I changed my mind when I found this BB Cream by Maybelline. The price was very afforable around 9€.

There were 5 shades and I picked the darkest one :

  I'm not smitten by this BB cream for some reasons : the coverage is very minimal, I'm aware that this is not a foundation but I can't notice a big difference after the application. The result is VERY natural, almost invisible. It doesn't really covers imperfections, and doesn't give any glow to the skin. It doesn't even last more than 3 hours, it made my skin looks greasy and oily which I HATE. This didn't work for me and I would neither recommend it because of the poor results. And as I picked the darkest shade, I'm not sure that this shade would work on someone tanner than I. I think drugstores BB creams for dark skins are not advanced yet unfortunatly. I'm not looking for another BB Cream, I think I'm pleased with my foundation. BB creams are not made for someone who is looking for coverage and a long lasting make up.

Have you ever tried this BB Cream ? Did you like it ?


  1. That's a shame! I bought the garnier BB cream but i'm not entirely sure how I feel about it either, it looks horriblle when i first apply it but after an hour or soo i think it looks quite nice...but that means I have to walk around with a greasy face for an hour..Maybe I'm just not getting the whole BB cream hype!

    Great blog, i'm now following!


    1. I felt the same about that BB Cream :s...xx

  2. I wish we had this one in the states ; /