May 4, 2012

New make-up storage

I didn't know how to store my make up and beauty products, I used to simply keep them in a little make up case but it was so messy. I was watching one of Mouldy Fruit's video about her make up storage and I totally crushed on her acrylic storage. She got some from Cool Kube which are way too pricey for me and some from Muji which are more affordable. So I went to Muji and bought those three amazing acrylic boxes : now everything is perfectly tidy and the design is so elegant and simple.

What do you think ?


  1. looks very organized! super cute blog! xx

  2. cute blog!^^
    Maybe we can follow each other? take a look at my blog if you like!

  3. I love those Muji acrylic boxes :D I would def have to purchase some for myself, but even Muji are pricey in Norgwegian KR...

    1. Really ? it's not that pricey doll, it's was around 12€. I'm sure you can find something similar on ebay or Ikea !

  4. Thank you for the follow! I'm following back XXX Tali