Jun 18, 2017


It's been almost 5 years that I have been using my Mac prolongwear foundation. But recently, I felt like a change was necessary : my skin is kinda aging, I feel like adapting my makeup to my skin. Back in the days, my skin was super oily, I needed something with a nice coverage and a matte finish. But now I don't have the same issues : no more acne, no more scars but little wrinkles apearing on my face. The more I'm getting old, the less coverage I tend to like. I'm more into natural, glowy skin finish foundations. I though the Face&Body foundation by MAC would me a good solution and I wasn't disapointed :

I went for the mini version because I wasn't sure if the foundation would fit me. I had to buy two shades : N5 & N7 to get the perfect shade. I'm a huge fan of orangy/redish undertones foundations, I think they look best on me. The color matching was simply PERFECT. And my expectations were fullfiled : the glow was there ladies, I loved it !!! just judge by the pictures (please ignore the messy background, this is not my room)

This foundation truely gives me LIFE, my highlight is more intense with it and the best thing is that long lasting effect, I didn't have to touch up my make at all I swear. I totally recommand this baby to anyone appreciating a light coverage with a glowy touch. So this is my go to foundation.

Have you ever tried the MAC Face&Body foundation ? Did you like it ?

Mar 26, 2016


I wanted to share my favourite nail polishes. I recently stopped working, so I have a mini beauty budget. I found those amazing nail polishes :

 1. Rimmel Super Gel nail polish. The color is good, dries very fast : 8€

3. Kiko Nail polish, beautiful, shiny and cheap : 4,90€

2. On the top of them I applied the Hema quick dry top coat. It works amazingly, and it only cost me 3.25€

Have you ever tried any of those nail polishes ?

Feb 14, 2016


Apologizes for my long break. I just didn't feel like blogging until today. Indeed, I had huge issues with what I love the most : makeup. Yes MAKEUP. I went back from summer holidays, and once I applied makeup back home, my skin looked aweful, super dry and cakey. At first I thought my skin changed because I was getting older. So I run to my local makeup stores and bought almost 4 foundations from Mac Studio Fix fluid to Marc Jacobs. None of them looked better than my old Mac Pro Longwear foundation that I have been using for 4 years. The color just didn't look good, I looked too yellow, and no long lasting power. It made me lose my confidence, I was ashamed to go out, to look at a mirror in a store. I thought that it was the end, that no foundation would ever make me happy and confident again.
But thanks god, I was thinking  and thinking...trying to find out why this foundation that I've been using for 4 years became all of a sudden unwearable ? I found the answer : CLIMATE CHANGES. I went from a hot counrty to a cold one. It changed the color and the consistency of my foundations. So i went back my Mac store and got back brand new foundations. Back home, tried them on my face and just like magic, it looked as beautiful and flawless as it used to be before. I am the happiest girl in the world now. Thanks god, now I'm ready to blog again.

So as a lesson, if you feel like your all time favourite foundation doesn't work on you anymore, just mak sure it's not because of any climate channges.

Have you ever been through some makeup problems ?