Aug 11, 2016

So I'm leaving everything behind

I am currently abroad in my mother land aka Sri Lanka. Enjoying the beautiful sunny weather, summer breeze and palm trees. I try my best to enjoy those little moments with my family. This year, I've decided to do things differently : instead of always doing the same things every year such as partying and clubbing, I'm going to discover the country, going on trips and learning to be happy with simple things. Plus I feel like I am in that time of the year where I start changing, being a more mature person. I am the kind of girl who tends to overthink all the time and worrying about my future, what will tomorrow be made of...and then I panic like crazy. I don't feel like being like that  anymore. I've decided to live from day to day from now and I feel so much better. After all why worrying about things that didn't happen yet ? why ? I've decided to live my life from now without being obssessed with the consequences , I am young and free and it's time to accomplish what I really want.

Jul 17, 2016

Enjoying life again and restarting blogging

I've been through a lot of ups and downs those past months. Being in a make up school has been a wonderfull aventure : meeting new people, working at shootings, fashion shows...but also drama came with all that haha. Putting make up on each other wasn't always easy, some girls didn't like being criticized, some didn't like the way you applied make up on the whole experience was not easy. And beside the school, I had my little personal problems, I was kinda stressed by a lot of things. But I've decided to stop thinking about all that, just let it go and stop stressing about things that didn't happened. I am young and I deserve to be happy and enjoying life. I want to start blogging again like I did before because life is prescious, and I want to remember those moments of my youth. 2016 may be a tough year at the moment for me but maybe in few years, I'll be laughing reading those it's time to let it go and be a happy girl. I've been out with my friends recently and just had some cool girl talks and restaurants, I feel a lot better now :)

What I've been doing lately

I am sorry once gain for not being active recently. Indeed, lot of things happened in my life. I've started a make up course in february that I have finally finished few days ago. I am proud to say that I'm officially a make up artist. I've done jobs that I hated in the past and I realized how important it was to do what you really love in your life. Don't be afraid to change directions sometimes and make your dreams come true. I am 27 now and this is the best decision I have ever made. I know I will have to work my ass off to be a good make up artist, but I will. Next episode in September, when I will search a job...
Here are some pictures of my graduation. I don't look at my best sorry, I was boiling in my dress, it was a super hot day !!

Mar 26, 2016

Favourite nail polishes when I'm broke

I wanted to share my favourite nail polishes. I recently stopped working, so I have a mini beauty budget. I found those amazing nail polishes :

 1. Rimmel Super Gel nail polish. The color is good, dries very fast : 8€

3. Kiko Nail polish, beautiful, shiny and cheap : 4,90€

2. On the top of them I applied the Hema quick dry top coat. It works amazingly, and it only cost me 3.25€

Have you ever tried any of those nail polishes ?