Jul 3, 2012

Garnier Ultra Doux dry shampoo review

Dry shampoos seemed to be the new trend, so I decided to test one them. I picked the cheapest one by Garnier for 6.99€, which is actually quite expensive for a drugstore shampoo. I bought it without any conviction, but I was actually quite surprised. When you spray your hair with that product, you really feel the fresh sensation you get when you wash it with a real  shampoing...weird right ? And I swear that your hair look cleaner, just look at the picture, my hair were super greasy and now they look matte. (I took this picture the day I was washing my hair, sorry it they look dirty). Some girls complained about some white residue on hair, but I didn't notice it on my hair. Of course, this will NEVER replace a real shampoo but it contributes to maintain  your hair matte, less greasy until your next shampoo. Next thing : the smell which is a nice fresh lemon perfume, I like it. This product really reminds me a deodorant, cause the smell and the composition seems similar. I definalty think I'll buy it again, it really helps me to keep my hair fresh and clean everyday.

Have you ever tried dry shampoos ? Did you like it ?