May 13, 2011

Friday the 13th OOTD

Hello girls :)

Today, was the one and only friday the 13th of the year and I have to say that it was a crazy day. I'm not super supersticious but today a bunch of crazy stuffs happened to me : underground strike of course just the day I have my litterature presentation at uni, my internet connexion didn't work and this NEVER happens usually, believe me...I don't know if all that things are related to friday the 13th, but if it's not, it's really bizzare...Do you believe in Friday the 13th ? Are you particulary supersticious that day or in general ? 

Here is my OOTD, quite simple :

Top : Jennyfer
Short : Zara
Shoes : H&M
Bag : Ebay
Watch : Casio Vintage bought on Ebay



  1. great outfit :)

    nice blog,

  2. @Claudia

    Aw thank you doll :)

  3. Fab outfit :). Check out my Blog I have awarded you as the stylish blogger award :)