May 10, 2011

Foundation routine

The key of a perfect makeup is definatly the foundation. It took me years to find the right foundation. I started wearing foundation at 16, at this time, my skin used to be great and I only used a simple powder foundation, it was enough to make my skin glowing. But unfortunatly with the time, my skin got more and more sensitive and I started getting blemishes and skin discoloration, the more I grow up, the more my skin looks fairer, it's annoying because you can never get one foundation all the time.
So what I'm doing right now is mixing several foundations to get the perfect color, this is the only solution.
I mix a drop of the Superstay from Maybelline (in #caramel) and a drop of the Colorstay from Revlon (#Rich Tan). To get a light bit of light, I also add a little bit of the Studio Sculpt Foundation from MAC on the center of my face (#NC45). I end with a little bit of Blush : MAC blush in Coygirl and a glowy pink by Me Me Me "Blush me" in Pink. I love light pinky blushes  ❤

Anyway, I'm still searching the perfect foundation, sometimes i'm really done with mixing my 3 foundations everyday lol, so if you guys know a foundation which looks good on indian skin tones, let me know it :). What is your foundation routine ?



  1. I am so with you! I always have to have two shades of foundations to match my skin shade. xoxo

  2. @Tanya VS

    Aww thank you sweet heart <3

  3. @The Beautifier

    Nice to here it, i feel less lonely :) lol