May 17, 2011

Back to Black

Since the beginning of the year, I started dying my hair but I've finally never obtained the exact color I was looking for, which was a sexy chocolate color, so hard to get :s...I used a light blond dye and then a golden blond dye...but whatever the color I was choosing, I was always ending up with  horrible red highlights or golden highlights as you can see on the "before" pic, this was just ugly. I couldn't stand my hair so I've finally decided to go back to my natural color chosing the Casting Crème Gloss by l'Oréal in shade 300, a pretty dark brown color. I didn't choose the black color cause in the past, I experimented that color and it was TOO black, like a crow... so girls always take a dark brown color if you have natural black hair like me, it's more natural ;)

And here is the result :

No more ugly golden highlights, but just a beautiful dark color, not too black and not too brown, simply perfect. That dye is great because :
- it doesn't have a strong chimical smell compared to the other hair dye products
- the hair isn't damaged or super dry, it's super silky
- no surprise, the color is the same as the box

I'm super satisfied with that product, I'm finally free from my highlights and I realize how beautiful my natural hair color is.

What about you girls ? did you have a good experience with hair dyes ?