Dec 12, 2013


Hello ladies, hope you're all doing well. Sorry for the delay, I know it's been a while. I was very busy those last months. Just wanted to do a little look back at this 2013 year...I have been through a LOT this year and it was not easy : ups and downs, tears, fears, joy... This years was definatly not easy. It was hard for me to keep my cool and feel good due to a lot of external facts. Recently I moved by my own from Paris to London and I learned a lot. It wasn't easy and things that I had planned went wrong. It affected me a lot but it made me stronger than ever and those last events taught me that shit happens but life goes on :), you gotta keep your head up. I think everything happens for a reason and definatly makes people stronger. When it's time to move on, do it, don't waste your time with rotten flowers.
I'll make everything to make this upcoming year a good year, take care of myself cause only my happiness matters !

Did you enjoy this 2013 year ? Good times ? Bad times ?


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