Dec 13, 2013

Barry M Nail Polish Review


I was recently attracted by Barry M nail polishes. I really liked the large range of colors from dark to lighter pastel shades. I decided to go for the #308 Berry shade wish was a beautiful pastel purple color. The price was relatively cheap : £2,99. What I liked about this product was the intensity of the color and its long lasting effect. But one thing wasn't in favor of this nail polish : It took way too much time to dry, around more than a minute which was a very bad point. I had to apply a gel top coat to make it dry faster. So it you are impatient like me, you probably won't like Barry M nail polishes. I don't think I would by it again :s

Have you ever tried Barry M nail polishes ? What did you think ?


  1. My stash is literally spilling over with Barry M, I can't get enough of them and 99% are great formula. I really love this colour, gorgeous for spring too x xo

  2. Great color! I haven't tried any of the Barry M nail polishes but I really need to

    Ana Leote

    1. Yeah be careful with the colors. The pastel colors tend to dry faster than dark colors :s !