May 20, 2013

Mac Extra Dimension 2013

Mac Extra Dimension 2013 collection is back ! Thanks god !!!! Last year I was dying for the highlighters collection but they were out of stock. But as the collection is back I rushed to the nearest Mac store and got this amazing highlighter in "Double Definition" which was the most appropriate for my golden skin tone. And I absolutly LOVE it. I hated the the "Soft and Gentle" Mineral Skinfinish highlighter which was too powdery according but this highlighter has nothing to do with it. The texture is a mixture between cream and powder, so very easy to apply. I love the glowy effect it gives on my cheeks, see : 

It stays on your face all day and all night. I really love it and I recommend it. The only thing I'm worried about is that it belongs to a limited edition :( !!! Whyyyy ???

Have you got one of those Extra Dimension's highlighter ? Did you like it like me ?


  1. Absolute love your make-up! I need this bronzer! Lovely post.

    Tolu from FashinateMe x

  2. Your blog is amazing ! Ive just found it and im following..

    Just wanted to let you know that i have a another huge giveaway happening on my blog soon so please follow so you can keep updated :)

    S x