Jun 8, 2014


I have finally purshased the famous Nars Orgasm blusher. I felt like changing my makeup, summer is close and I thought it was a good occasion to get Nars Orgasm. I will not add anything new to everything that have been already said about it : this blush is fabulous. Indeed the color is perfect, you can wear it with or without any highlighter on : the color is a pinky coral colour mixed with gloden shimmer, it totally allows you to wear it without any highlighter on a day time. In my case, on the picture I wore it with Nars Casino bronzer and a Sleek highlighter cause it was at night because I wanted to go for a more dramatic look. I absolutly love the result, it really makes the skin glowy and fresh. But here is a little summary of the pros and cons :

  • Nice glowy color good on any time of the day
  • Long lasting
  • Buildable
  • Easy to apply, no powdery effect
  • Golden Shimmer included, no need to apply highlighter

  • Very pricey : 30€
  • Not enough pigmented compared to other nars blushers, 3 swatches were necessary 

Many of you tend to say that Nars Orgasm is a dupe of Sleek Gold Rose. They seem to be similar at a first sight :

BUT I do not agree, in my opinion Sleek Gold Rose is not a dupe. If you look closer, you can notice that Sleek is more of a coral blush when Nars is pinky. See on my swatches :

I do not like the Sleek one because if does not stay on your cheeks for more than 3 hours. At the end of the day you end up looking like a hot mess lol. I prefer the Nars Orgasm shade, pinky blushers look better on me.

What do you think of Nars Orgasm ? Do you think it is similar to Sleek Rose Gold ?

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