Jul 8, 2018


Recently, I had to get my eyebrows waxed for a special event. I always go to the Benefit Brow Bar and get my eyebrows done with my favorite brow lady : Melissa. But that day, Melissa wasn't working...my bad. So I had to get my eyebrows done by another girl. At First I liked the result, but when I got home, I realized my brows were too thin. Back in the days I like them thin but now I like them thick since my face changed through the years. I was so pissed cause my eyebrows take for ever to grow. I almost have to wait to month to completly grow them back.
But thanks god some good products are available in the market. I went for the Total Temptation Brow Definer by Maybelline :

I was really surprised by how amazing that product was : it offers a really natural look and a beautiful color. I got the color  #SoftBrown and I love it. I use the brow spoolie to lift my eyebrows first and then I draw some little strokes. The final look is simply fantastic : from boring thin brows to fuller looking brows :

What do you guys think ? What are your favorite brow products ?

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