Jun 2, 2018


Hello ladies, It's been a very longtime since my last post I know...I was busy but now I'm back on track with a LOT of surprises trust me ;)
I've been struggling the past years with makeup : yes makeup. Indeed my skin has been through a lot of changes and my old foundation routine just stopped working for me. It's probably due to my age, I'm in my late 20's... getting old you know. Anyway. I've tried tons of different foundations and nothing worked for me. It just looked dry, emphasizing my wrinkles and pores. I was desperate and I lost my confidence. But thanks god, no matter what I go through in life, I am always persistent and I'm trying and trying until I find what I'm looking for. One day I was thinking about my old foundation routine which was a mix of Revlon Colorstay and Maybelline Superstar foundation and I was like "hey it used to work for me when I had very bad skin so why not give it a try again ?". 

So I ordered the Revlon foundation online and got it super fast. Let me tell you one thing : I just felt SO ALIVE when I applied it on my face omg. My skin has never felt so good damn. This foundation works like magic : it makes my skin looks so soft, flawless and matte without making me look cakey and dry. It's just one of the best foundation I've EVER tried. And the best thing about it, is that it truly last all day : just a dream...

I mix #RichGinger and #RichTan to get the perfect color. And I love it. And in the center of my face, I apply my longtime trusted Mac Studio Sculpt foundation in #NC44 and I simply get the perfect flawless :)

Have you ever tried Revlon Colorstay Foundation ? Did you like it ?

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