Jun 28, 2015



Let me introduce the only lipstick I currently swear by : Marc Jacobs Lip Gel lipstick in the shade "Boy Gorgeous". I usually don't buy high brand lipstick but I made an exception for this. Indeed, I was in my local sephora when I came across a lady who was wearing the most beautiful pink I had ever seen. Of course I immediately asked her what she was wearing on her lips. She simply showed me the Marc Jacobs corner. I tried it and just felt in love with the color. I LOVE it. It is so flatering on my skintone and looks so edgy :

Such a beautiful intense pink 

Not only the colour looks stunning plus the packaging is so elegant and casual with I love. It doesn't dry the lips at all and offers a beautiful matte look on your lips almost all day. I will repurchase this lipstick for sure and I would totally recommend it !

Have you ever tried Marc Jacobs lipstick ? Did you like it ?

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