May 25, 2015


Two years ago I felt for that ombre hair trend. I liked it at first, I felt so cool, it was the first time that I was dying my hair that light. I went from dark hair to blond : 

What I didn't know was that it was just a BIG mistake. It completely ruined my hair : I had horrible knots, brushing them  was a very hard time and my hair started breaking very easily. My hair was so dry and uneven as you can see :

But thanks god, some magic products exist to fix bad hair problem. Here are my routine products :

1. Head & Shoulders shampoo : That is the only shampoo that doesn't grease my hair, it just makes my hair soft and light.
2.John Freida Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery mask : By far the BEST mask I have ever tried. In 5 minutes, you get insanely soft and shinny hair. It smells amazing, and works even after months and months of use. I only swear by this mask, I could not live without it.

Those two products definatly contribuated to recover my hair damage. But I also use once a week that magic stuff called COCONUT OIL. At first I though it was just a trend but it actually works amazingly. I apply the oil 3 to 1 hour before I wash my hair. After a few use I've noticed some dramatic changes on my hair : no more knots, but gorgeous soft shinny hair :) !

I totally recommend coconut oil to all of you, I promise you will get amazing results. Just look at my hair now, I just went from zero to hero haha :

What are your favourite hair rescue products ?

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