Feb 28, 2015


I am not into crazy dramatic contouring, but love the bony cheeks looks, it gives more dimension to my face. 
I use a powder bronzing powder by Nars in the shade Casino. I used to used the Real Techniques Contour brush but I felt like I was wasting too much product and too much time contouring my cheeks as the brush was small and round. This why I decided to make a change and go for a flat Nars's inspired "Ita brush", of course way too expensive for my little budget. I went on Aliexpress.com (Ebay Style super cheap website) and found exactly was I was looking for : 

A large, long flat brush. The brush is even better than I have been expecting : the quality is just really good. The brush truely looks like a high brand brush, I love it and it's super soft. It really helps me contouring : In a second a obtain a perfectly contoured cheek and it wastes way less powder than with my RT brush, the difference is HUGE.

Girls you need this brush in your life ;) !!! If you want to get this brush, just let me know and I will give you the link.

Which brush do you use for contouring ladies ?

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