Feb 28, 2015



I have been looking for so long for a night cream and I was really happy when I came across this Soap&Glory night cream called the "Beauty Sleep Accelerator" : a cream that was supposed to hydrate the skin all night long. The retro packaging totally attracted me like a magnet and I have heard tons of good things about this brand so I decided to purchase this product. 
Back home, I was super excited to try the cream. Once I opened it, I was hypnotized by the delicious peachy perfume of this cream with a smoothy texture.  

This cream looked absolutly perfect at first sight  and I really thought it would be my best friend lol. So I naively applied the cream all over my face before going sleeping. I felt my skin was perfectly hydrated.
BUT when I woke the following day, the hydratation was completly gone and I felt like my skin was kinda rough. I looked myself in the mirror and bad surprise : I had little spots all over my face ewwww...Of course it was caused by this cream. It took almost a week to get my face back to normal. I even went to see the doctor and he told me I was allergic to the perfume of the cream which was particulary smelly. 
Anyway, I was extremely disapointed by this cream : the lack of hydratation and the composition which was obviously not adapted to all skintones. I would NOT recommend this cream if you have a sensitive skin or allergies. 

Have you ever tried Beauty Sleep Accelerator ? Did you go through the same struggle as me ? Or did you enjoy it ?

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