Jan 26, 2019


After years of hair disaster, I've recently decided to take care of my hair bu changing my routine. The compact Tangle Teezer caught my eyes so I've decided to give a try. I swear I thought this was a regular brush the whole time. But I was pleasantly surprised...

The packaging was crazy attractive, rose gold is such a bomb color <3...At first I thought this would be way too difficult to hold but it's actually PERFECT !

See how it fits my hand :) ! I love it !!!

Plus it got a protection, if you put in your bag, it won't scratch anything inside, how cool is that ?

And finally the best part is that it's totally doing the job guys !!! My hair may look easy to brush but it's not. I have very thin hair and I get knots very easily. It really hurt me when I try to get rid of them and the process can be long sometimes. But with this, it's like magic, the brush slides in my hair, no pain, no waste of time, it's brushes my hair in few seconds and make them knots-free and silky. See the different. I tried it with wet hair and wow it's was sooo easy !!
Definately a life changer, I will use it on a daily basis.

Have you ever tried the Tangle Teezer ? Did you like it ?

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