Jun 8, 2011

Ring haul

I'm finally done with my exams, it feels so good. I will definatly have more time to blogging. Few days ago I bought these three gorgeous rings on Ebay and I love them. Ebay sell some amazing rings way less expensive than in shops and the quality is really good.

Black ring oval ring : 1.36€
Snake ring : 1. 36€
Turquoise oval ring : 2. 87€

All the prices include the shipping, it's a really good deal.

Right now I'll buy all my jewerlies on ebay :)



  1. the rings look ethnic. :) you know what, I have never purchased anything online yet. maybe ebay would be a nice place to start.
    happy blogging!!

  2. @Ginger

    Yeah sure, you won't be disappointed ;), it's so inexpensive on ebay you can't imagine ! I hope you'll find some cool stuffs too !