Aug 11, 2016

So I'm leaving everything behind

I am currently abroad in my mother land aka Sri Lanka. Enjoying the beautiful sunny weather, summer breeze and palm trees. I try my best to enjoy those little moments with my family. This year, I've decided to do things differently : instead of always doing the same things every year such as partying and clubbing, I'm going to discover the country, going on trips and learning to be happy with simple things. Plus I feel like I am in that time of the year where I start changing, being a more mature person. I am the kind of girl who tends to overthink all the time and worrying about my future, what will tomorrow be made of...and then I panic like crazy. I don't feel like being like that  anymore. I've decided to live from day to day from now and I feel so much better. After all why worrying about things that didn't happen yet ? why ? I've decided to live my life from now without being obssessed with the consequences , I am young and free and it's time to accomplish what I really want.

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