Jul 17, 2016

Enjoying life again and restarting blogging

I've been through a lot of ups and downs those past months. Being in a make up school has been a wonderfull aventure : meeting new people, working at shootings, fashion shows...but also drama came with all that haha. Putting make up on each other wasn't always easy, some girls didn't like being criticized, some didn't like the way you applied make up on them...so the whole experience was not easy. And beside the school, I had my little personal problems, I was kinda stressed by a lot of things. But I've decided to stop thinking about all that, just let it go and stop stressing about things that didn't happened. I am young and I deserve to be happy and enjoying life. I want to start blogging again like I did before because life is prescious, and I want to remember those moments of my youth. 2016 may be a tough year at the moment for me but maybe in few years, I'll be laughing reading those lines...so it's time to let it go and be a happy girl. I've been out with my friends recently and just had some cool girl talks and restaurants, I feel a lot better now :)

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